Saturday, 16 January 2010

Guest Blogger : Styling Your Scarf

Hello my name is Azwa Elena im a guest blogger :

Ive been getting some request from my friends on how to style my scarf lately, Im not an expert to talk about this but i can share a few styles/tips (please refer to the pictures below)..

Here goes..

That's all for now. Have fun trying :⦆


  1. pretty and very stylish miss taylor momsen aka marykate olsen aka rihanna wannabe lol :)

    oh, and you know you're a trendsetter too right?
    love you bestfriend ❤

  2. yeay. haha take note ppl! 'tis very pretty indeed. loving ur style azwa elena!

  3. wawa!!!
    u inspire me!!seriusly!!! :)
    sangat suka gaya nih!

    n azura too
    korg dua2 cantek.. :)

    n suka sgt pki tights cmtu
    tp hampeh..bila pki semua cm stok pandang cm nmpk alien :)

    n canne nk pki yg no 4 tu??
    kt dlm pki tudung biasa dulu eh??

  4. i absolutely love how you play up your tudung! especially when you tie another fancy scarf on top of one scarf :) who says you cant play dress up if you wear tudung, i think its much more fun kot, bcus theres so much more layering and things to wear. the outfit planning in the morning must be fun fun fun! :)

    p/s: i think you should do a step by step to doing your scarf tying! that'd be so best to see, hehe.

  5. i like the one with the bow; second pic from top! so cute :)) and hello there.


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