Saturday, 30 January 2010

Design 'It-girl' Tara Bernerd

Interior designer extraordinaire, Tara Bernerd, wife of Lord (Jeffrey) Archer's son, yes if you're wondering,  she is Jeffrey Archer, the author's daughter in law.  Tara is also known as Elliot Bernerd's daughter, property tycoon. She is the founder of Target Living, and used to work with Phillipe Starck too (at YOO designs). 

This lady may have been raised with a silver spoon, but these days she's all about hard work, thats what I like about her. She is very inspirational, and I want to be like her someday :)

Lets take a look at her work..

If you want to stalk her, you can visit her blog :)

ps: Tara Bernerd used to host The Wow factor too.

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