Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Guest blogger : Geek Chic Watches

Toywatch has become the 'it' wristwatch and a must have item amongst style influentials including followers like Katie Holmes, Oprah Winfrey, Owen Wilson and Mark Wahlberg to name a few--and it keeps growing by the day. Made from high strength steel, its classical design caters to the younger market with a wide range of striking colours! What makes it more interesting is that one can mix and match colours of the frame to the watch. Personally I like the red and blue ones. But colour blocking on these watches are even cooler!

As if thats not enough, Toywatch has made its debut television appearance on Oprah--Oprah's favourite things list--and The Ellen DeGeneres Show grabbing more attention and allegiances.

Whether its a passing trend on watches which until another brand sweeps mankind off their feet or its a classic to stay until the coming years, only time will tell. nevertheless, I think its still a very hip look which would take more than a few years to die out. What gets me going on Toywatch is that some have compared it to 'a Rolex meets Swatch watch' , which reminds me on something I read on a blog suggesting that its as good as a Rolex but costs less for an equal taste of luxury and good taste.
Retail prices of these watches start from £120 to £1000 at Selfridges, London.

Apart from Toywatch, Nooka seems to grow on me as well. It has an interesting way of telling time day and date through horizontal bars. In the attempt to get as much press, Nooka has appeared on cable on gossip girl where Penn Bagdley's character Dan Humpfrey gets a gift from guest star Hilary Duff's Olivia Burke.

Getting plenty more press through articles in Teen Vogue (October 2009) , Nylon guys (September 2009), GQ (March 2008) and VMAN (Fall 2008) to name a few with references.

And get this, Nooka had custom made glow in the dark Nookas for Kanye West for his glow in the dark tour. Aint that something! As a gift to the superstar. Yes, a gift. Sadly no plans for Nooka to make them available to us mere mortals. These super trendy watches have been sighted on famous wrists like Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg and The Pussycat Dolls.

Like Toywatch, Nooka comes in many different colours too. However, it might get some getting used to reading the time but could be easily understood along the way. Nookas start off from £80 and above at Selfridges, London.

Put away those Rolexes and Swatches. And say hello to the new 'it' watches. Maybe I'll get lucky and someone would slip one on my doorsteps HAH!

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