Saturday, 9 January 2010

Guest blogger : Snoods

Stay warm this winter with layers of clothing and a snood! Its a scarf which goes all around and does not have an ending. You wear it as a scarf or even as something to cover your head when it snows or rains by popping it onto your head, leaving half covering the neck and the other half on the head! Very much like a convertible car. Very economical? I say very trendy.

While some may think that its odd, I think this hoodie-scarf hybrid is very cool. Especially when it comes in chunky knits and worn over a perfect suited suit. Meant to wear it over jackets and suits as a bodiless turtleneck but much better looking.

Emerging from 2009 Missoni and Burberry shows when designers decided to put knitted and plaid snoods on their models. This loopy style has grabbed more and more high street retailers' interest with the likes of H&M and American Apparrel making it the perfect accessory since seen on the likes of Joe Jonas and Justin Bartha.

Couldnt be more dapper and dashing.

images via : burberry

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  1. aleq, that guy with the grey snood (second picture, after yours lol) is scorching hot. and you too handsome boy! :)


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