Monday, 18 January 2010

...and now it begins

Say hello to AzuraAzwa

2010 is going to be our year, insyaAllah. Lets hope everything will go smoothly. AzuraAzwa is dedicated to my Mom a.k.a my bestfriend in the whole wide world, Wan Zuraina. This is for you mom.

Credits to my bestestbestfriend/twinnie Azlin Rosli for everything. And her brother Azlan Rosli for helping us out.

Azwa Elena, lets make this happen. InsyaAllah

❤ ❤


  1. aww.. insyaAllah I'll be praying for US all to be successful. n great job to both of u!!!! the logo ,main page looks great..the chosen colour represents feminity and classiness.great job n cant wait for more :D!

  2. my prayers always, insyaAllah

  3. Azura Liyana and Azwa Elena are my two beloved daughters and it was their ideas to form and introduce "AzuraAzwa". InsyaAllah..with all the support from friends AzuraAzwa will become the household name in the design industries.I am proud of you both..lots of luv...

  4. i cant wait!! as i told u b4 in the bus.. u can do it... kiss


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