Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Less Is More

It's not easy to create simple yet classy interiors, but Vicente Wolf nailed it ❤

sources : Vicente Wolf


  1. azura..color ap yg plg in skang eh??utk bilik tdo..

  2. hi nilam :) colour paling in sekarang for bilik tidur? kat sini, diorang suka guna vibrant colours mix dengan pastel colours (eg dark green+white +grey or pastel purple+light brown+gold) .. tapi saya suggest awak guna your favourite colours for your bedroom, whats your favourite colour? nanti saya buat post on bedroom for you okay? :)

  3. ok.. :)
    fav color skang ..light blue + white..atau light green.. :)

    act,skang tgh pk color ap yg sesuai utk bedroom baru saya nnt..color grey mcm dlm gmbr tu sgt cantek..simple :)


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