Thursday, 17 December 2009

double breasted jackets

Hello there, my name is Aleq and I was invited to give write on looks that I fancy a few weeks back but kept putting it off because of exams. Now that I'm finally on holidays (yeay!), I've decided to start on my first piece. When I first thought of what to write about, the first thing that came to my mind on sharing how I am intrigued by early 20s 30s looks. Ever watched the movie Changeling starring Angelina Jolie, yeah that sort of era.

Apart from military trend that is setting in this season, I have to say double breasted jackets are one of my favourites. Popularised in the 1930s, double breasted suits and jackets boasts masculine elegance and has become a wardrobe staple for every Tom, Dick and Harry including me.

Double breasted jackets makes casual wear look cooler and it brings the look up a few notches.

Seen on the likes of Tom Cruise and Jude Law, double breasted suits is an all time classic. It never looks bad either for casual wear or formal wear. Classic looks have never been mashed with casual wear creating simple get ups like Chris Pine below.

I think what sets it apart from normal blazers is that double breasteds oozes class. Although its suitable for casual, I think it should always be kept buttoned because of its design making it flabby and saggy-just hanging there, unbottoned-well you get the idea, that it wouldnt look neat.

Alternatively, try pulling it off with geeky glasses and a pair of good old fashion brogues- or a pair of sporty sneakers.

Maybe for my next post I'm going to write on brogues and cropped pants where the focus of the outfit are the socks? sounds cool, no?


  1. oh yes, men will look good in this, totally! good one mr! looking forward to ur posts too..

  2. fuyooooo aleqqqqqqqqqqqqq!!!
    i like!

  3. oh my god, please talk about brogues! :)


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