Monday, 3 May 2010

my monday, blues

A divine combination - blue, white and lotsa baby blues. I hope your monday is going to be as beautiful as these images ❤

And dont forget to smile :)


  1. oh dear liyana (or azura is better? hehe) i wish i were deserving of your comment, but it's all tricks of the camera. hehe. but thank you nonetheless. i really love all the photos you put up here. you have amazing taste. Xx

  2. oh whoops! and i'm jehan btw. nice to meet you :]

  3. hellooo jehan! :) nice to meet you too! okay you can call me either liyana or azura, but liya is fine :) lol

    thanks for the compliment sweets, you have wicked taste in art&design too. keep on blogging! :D


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